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At our company, trust is a major goal of each of our staff members. We work hard to ensure that you never feel uncomfortable with any of your services. Our team of licensed plumbers continues to undergo education to ensure that we always offer the top services for our clients.

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Take care of every leak and clog with the professional services from Ladera Heights Plumbers. Based in Los Angeles, our California plumbing company proudly offers services and solutions for residential clients throughout the region. Whether you are dealing with a pipe installation or a clogged garbage disposal, you can count on our honest team to take care of your needs. 

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You do not have to live with leaks and clogs. Whether your problem is affecting your home or business, our team is committed to providing you with an effective solution in every location. Count on us to deliver a repair or installation that you can count on.

No matter how large or small your project is, our Los Angeles plumber is available to take care of the issue. We focus on the details of your job to ensure that you never have to call us in for an avoidable repair in the future.

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The plumbing and mechanical industry is a rapidly changing place. Only companies that are dedicated to training and on-going skills development can hope to offer their clients the best products and installation techniques available. Ladera Heights Plumbers has a dedicated training area equipped with the necessary technology, working models and displays to keep our technicians on the cutting edge. You can rest assured that when Ladera Heights Plumbers installs something for you, it was done right; the first time.


You’ll get the professional plumbing experience you deserve when you work with Ladera Heights Plumbers. Our calls are answered by real people, not by a voice mail system. If we say we’ll get back to you with an answer, we’ll actually get back to you. We operate out of an efficient commercial building complete with inventory so that we can provide you with greater value. We maintain standard business hours; you can come visit us anytime. We have a saying, if Google can’t find someone’s shop before the sale, you won’t be able to find them after. That’s an important thing to consider when deciding who you should place your trust in.